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At Cizeron Bio, organic is everywhere: from the products to the company’s approach. Respect, ethics and quality drive our actions on a daily basis.
Cizeron Bio has always championed an ethical approach and has always been an “active partner”.


Advice – Responsiveness

Each of our company’s skill centres is at your disposal to respond to your requests in very short turnaround times, in order to provide you with its expertise and deliver results in line with your expectations.

Through daily exchanges with our breeders and partners, Cizeron Bio is constantly seeking to improve its feeds to meet the needs of animals.


Equity – Fair Trade – Regionalisation of Raw Materials

True to our founding values, our company implements the principle of fairness in its business relationships, where success is shared by both supplier and buyer.

Our priority? Fair trade, through the development of supply chains, for a fair remuneration of raw materials and foodstuffs: a value that can be passed on and valued through remuneration between the supplier, Cizeron Bio and the breeder.

For more than two years, the investments made in our protein enhancement tool, processed exclusively on the La Gimond site, have guaranteed the company and our customers a sufficient quantity and quality of protein produced without having to resort to imports.

Today, after several years of continuous work, more than 70% of our raw materials come from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Burgundy-Franche-Comté regions. On the whole, more than 85% of our raw materials are French, with the remainder coming from European border countries.


Environement – Technology – Modernity

The TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE and RELIABILITY of our production tool allows us to ensure, quantitatively and qualitatively, the supply of foodstuffs specific to the habitual needs of each customer.
All this thanks to the technical knowledge of our team, ongoing dialogue on end-user needs, the logistical organisation and the principle of just-in-time delivery.

With a view to reducing our environmental impact (control of the carbon footprint), our logistic flows are optimised every day. In 2019, nearly 90% of our trucks leaving to deliver feed to the farms returned laden with raw materials.

Always concerned about the environment, our company has implemented an energy and environmental approach :

  • Heat and steam production
    – Two sources of heat: oil-fired boiler (80%) and solar (20%),
    – Heat-insulated cooking area to limit waste.
  • Resource management
    – LED lighting and presence detectors,
    – Recycling of energy from one machine to the next,
    – Dimmers to limit the power requirement when starting motors.


Quality – Regulation – Certification

We only offer quality products that meet organic needs and standards. We control the traceability of all our products, from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product to you, including storage locations, means of transport and any intermediate handling.

The quality of Cizeron Bio products is recognised by the following certificates :

  • The certificate of conformity relating to the organic production method*. All our products comply with European regulations RUE 2018/848. This certificate is issued by Bureau Veritas Certification FR BIO 10. Certificate available in the Client Area.
  • Cizeron Bio has been certified since 2010 according to the Animal Nutrition Certification Standard. This certification attests that our company organisation at all levels (formulation, purchasing, reception, production, logistics, maintenance, quality) guarantees the sanitary conformity of the food produced at our La Gimond site. Cizeron Bio is the second organic feed manufacturer to be certified according to this standard. Certificate available in the Client Area.
  • Biosecurity measures are implemented on our site and sanitary quality controls are carried out on our delivery trucks.
  • We have been awarded the Bioentreprise durable label, a 100% independent CSR label that certifies our continuous progress, our know-how and the credibility of our daily approach to sustainable development.

*Multiple inspections are carried out each year. They allow us to verify the quality of the finished products and the internal organisation of the company.


Technical and protein cores

The solution provided by Cizeron Bio, through the development of protein cores, has an impact on the entire sector, from the producer to the consumer, on a technical, environmental and economic level.

  • Protein cores

This product is part of a global solution for the enhancement of protein and created a dynamic local economy with the establishment of an industrial unit. The formulation of food from seeds, 86% of which are grown in France (camelina, hemp, peas, field beans, lupin, flax, etc.), avoids protein surplus diets and massive soya imports.

18 months after its launch, 1,200 breeders in the south-eastern quarter of France are already using these protein cores developed by Cizeron Bio..

During the formulation of these protein cores, the diversity of raw materials and technological innovation allows us to focus on the overall amino acid profile and thus to improve the immune system of the animals, the enzymatic functions…. Thanks to work on the synergy of amino acids with the combination of different raw materials and the improvement of protein digestibility, the general level of protein in a feed is optimised. Nutritional well-being is improved, on the one hand because the rations are not excessive in protein and energy, which limits illnesses linked to a nutritional imbalance, and on the other hand, thanks to an immunity boost via the amino acid profile. Improving the nutritional well-being of the animals and working on the digestibility of the protein has a positive impact on performance (especially CI), which contributes to improving the farmer’s income.

  • Technical and protein cores

Cizeron Bio protein cores are used within the company for the manufacture of food, or can be sold to other manufacturers as a technical and protein solution, containing Cizeron Bio know-how. The cores are then incorporated into the food at a level of 20%. They are of interest, both in France and abroad, to players in the organic animal feed industry.