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The Cizeron Bio team is staffed by about thirty committed people, divided into skill centres :

Management Management

Jean-Charles Cizeron
Chairman and Managing Director

To ensure the smooth running of the company, Jean-Charles CIZERON supervises the entire business and anticipates the needs of the organic animal feed market. He also manages relations with suppliers in order to ensure the long-term supply of raw materials.

Formulation and Research & Development department Formulation and Research & Development department

Florence Bruel
Technical and Operations Manager
Camille Dufix
Species Development Officer (Pigs)
Marie Goutte
Species Development Officer (Ruminants)
Bérangère Marais
Species Development Officer
Alicia Mallet
Technical species
Fanny Terrier
Species Development Officer

In order to improve the performance of your farm and the well-being of your animals, our species development managers regularly update the formulas of our products to guarantee you a feed of consistant quality, meeting the nutritional needs of your animals.

Commercial department Commercial department

Sylvain Boute
Technical and commercial development officer
Lionel Esquerdo
Technical and commercial development officer
Pierre Gomes
Technical and commercial development officer
Laura Giraud
Laura Giraud
Technical and commercial development officer

Our technical and commercial development managers use all their skills (nutrition, breeding techniques, herd/lot management, etc.) to meet all our customers’ needs and expectations in the management of your farms.

Production department Production department

Remi Faure
Lead operator
Alexandre Chillet
Lead operator
Romain Moulard
Lead operator
Clément Bony
Production operator
Melvyn Dimier
Production operator
Julien Flachon
Assistant production operator
Yohan Pestre
Production operator

In the pursuit of quality, our operators demonstrate rigour and vigilance in order to produce, on a just-in-time basis, food that meets the demands of our customers.

Quality and maintenance department Quality and maintenance department

Corentin Joly
In charge of maintenance
Alexis Nielacny
Assistant process quality maintenance
Céline Flachon
Quality and safety certification project manager

In the pursuit of the excellence, our quality and maintenance department works to regularly monitor our machines, and keeps our processes and certificates up to date

Logistics department Logistics department

Pierre-Yves Thizy
Head of production scheduling, logistics, special purchases and fulfilment.
Joffrey Voute
Controller of production scheduling and logistics.
Dominique Cernize

Administration and accounting department Administration and accounting department

Isabelle Magand
Administration officer
Océane Roiron
Marketing and communication officer
Christelle Thizy
Customer relations and invoicing officer
Maxime Blanchard
Coordinating operator
Claudine Riocreux
Commercial support

At your service, our administration and accounting departments fulfil all requests concerning orders, invoices and payments from our customers and suppliers in order to help you in your organisation.