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Lambs, ewe lambs, dairy ewes, meat ewes: all your sheep need feed adapted to their nutritional requirements to meet your objectives!
A dozen feeds formulated especially for sheep, with no added copper, allow you to balance your rations to fully exploit the dairy potential of the animals or ensure the production of quality carcasses.

  • Nitrogen correctors contain a wide variety of protein raw materials: their different levels of protein degradability make it possible to choose the most suitable feed according to the other components of the ration and the expected production level.
  • Lamb and ewe feeds are formulated to promote palatability as well as digestive and health safety (digestible fibre intake in the rumen, prevention of coccidiosis, etc.).


Sheep meat

The production of quality carcasses at a lower cost is possible thanks to our feeds specifically developed for this purpose. The aim is to optimise the growth/cost ratio of the ration, while respecting the requirements of several specifications (e.g. Sisteron lamb).


Dairy ewes

For this seasonal production, the objective here is to make full use of the dairy potential of your animals.

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