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Dairy cattle

Cizeron Bio has developed more than 20 specific feeds for dairy cows in order to adapt to the different organic forages present in the rations and to meet the objectives of the breeders: balanced VL type feeds, nitrogenous correctors to correct protein deficient rations and energy correctors to rebalance the energy part of the rations.

The classification of the food into 4 distinct ranges is based on :

  • The level of degradability of the protein : the greater the degradability of the protein, the greater the amount of protein available in the rumen. These rapidly degradable proteins are necessary for the proper functioning of the rumen. When the degradability of the feed decreases, this means that certain proteins are by-passed, i.e. absorbed in the intestine: these proteins are particularly interesting for VLs at the beginning of lactation. Our industrial process allows us to “protect” part of the proteins from the raw materials in order to render them digestible.
  • Diversity of energy intake : energy sources (starch, fats, sugars, digestible fibre in the rumen) are incorporated at different levels in the feed to ensure rumen function and provide energy intake. The aim is to meet the needs of the animals while preserving the ruminal environment in order to limit the occurrence of metabolic diseases.
  • The presence of trace elements and vitamins, necessary to satisfy the maintenance, production, growth and immunity needs of the ruminal environment and the animal.
  • The origin of the raw materials : to meet specific market demands, we have developed a range of ORIGINE FRANCE feeds. All the raw materials used in their composition are of French origin.


Beef cattle

Specially formulated for growing or fattening animals, our GROWING BEEF AND MEAT range has the following objectives:

  • Palatability control in order to guarantee the proper consumption of food, which is particularly important for young animals. It is reinforced in particular by the choice of palatable raw materials (molasses, locust beans, etc.),
  • Supporting growth, thanks to adapted nutritional levels and digestive safety work to promote the proper functioning of the rumen,
  • Carcass quality, to produce carcasses corresponding to your objectives (weight, conformation, colour) with a controlled production cost.

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